About Veterinary Eye Institute

Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI) is the leading veterinarian owned and led network of stand-alone ophthalmology practices. Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI) was founded in 2012 by John Warren, DVM, DACVO®. VEI started small, leasing two exam rooms within the Emergency Animal Clinic of Collin County (EACC), a veterinarian owned emergency clinic located in Plano, TX. Working collaboratively with the large referring veterinary community, VEI’s clients and patients quickly outgrew the space at the EACC. In 2016 VEI opened a state-of-the-art facility designed with the patient and client care and comfort in mind. VEI continued to flourish and in 2018 grew into a multi-location specialty eye clinic.

VEI Offers Complete Medical and Surgical Eye Care for:

Dogs and Cats


Small Mammals

Exotic Pets

Doctor comforting pet.

Our Mission

To make the world a visually clear and comfortable place for pets – in a kind, collaborative, and compassionate way.

Our Values

Dog performing surgery.


Our goal is to provide your pet with lifelong functional vision.

Doctor comforting pet.


We share your desire for your family member to be pain free.

Dr. Warren with client.


We treat our patients and clients kindly and compassionately.

Our Principals

These principles allow us to achieve our mission each and every day.

Our Patients

The patient comes first. Always. For everything we do, whether it’s treatment recommendations, practice decisions, or any challenge we face, we will always start with the question, “What is in the best interest of the patient?”

Our Referral Partners

Only through collaboration with the family veterinarian is each patient and client best served. Clear and consistent communication, grounded in a relationship defined by respect and integrity, leads to enduring partnerships and trust. We value and enjoy our relationships with our referral partners and will always advocate for their primary role in the patient’s long-term care.

Our Clients

We are a people business focused on pet’s vision. Faced with the challenge of visual disability and discomfort is stressful and can at times be heart-wrenching. We understand this and offer our clients knowledge, support, empathy, and compassion.

Our Team

Not employees, not co-workers, not staff, but a team. A team is something to be passionate about. A team has a clear goal, a mission, that unites them. A team is a place to feel safe and supported, encouraged, and inspired

Interested in Joining Our Team?


VEI has opportunities for doctors and caregivers to join our team. Interested in learning more about our collaborative team of exceptional caregivers and what makes VEI a great place to build a dream career?

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