Ocular Emergency

Our pets can experience an ocular emergency at any time. Some of the more common signs of a potential health concern include a change in behavior indicating vision loss (i.e., bumping into walls, furniture, or objects), sudden change in eye color (the eye may appear more red or cloudy), squinting or unable to open the eye, pawing at their eyes, or swelling of the eye or surrounding structures.

After Hours, Holiday, or Weekend Emergency Care

If you are concerned your pet is experiencing an ocular emergency, please visit or call your primary veterinarian or the nearest veterinary emergency clinic. Once your pet has been examined, if emergency ocular care is needed, your referring veterinarian will facilitate an emergency consultation with Veterinary Eye Institute.

If you are a primary or emergency veterinarian with a patient who is experiencing an ocular emergency, please contact your nearest VEI location and leave a message for the on-call team.

Please note: The on-call team does not handle medication refills or appointment booking and rescheduling.


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