Our Leaders John R. Warren, DVM, DACVO®

John R. Warren, DVM, DACVO®

Founder and President

Dr. John R. Warren is a highly skilled and experienced veterinary ophthalmologist, with a passion for providing exceptional ophthalmic care for animals. As the Founder and President of the Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI), he has dedicated his career to advancing the field of veterinary ophthalmology and improving the quality of life for pets. 

Dr. Warren’s extensive training and education have equipped him with a deep understanding of ocular health and a wide range of specialized skills. He earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Louisiana State University. Following his DVM, Dr. Warren pursued advanced training in ophthalmology, completing a residency program in Dallas and achieving board certification from the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (DACVO®). 

VEI opened its doors in 2012, serving pets, their loving families, and the veterinary community in Plano, Texas. They expanded their service in Collins County by adding a second location in Dallas, Texas. In 2021, VEI joined MedVet and quickly expanded, adding practices in California and Florida. The organization’s passion for bringing vision and comfort to more pets continues to spur growth.  

Dr. Warren and team are actively engaged in preserving the integrity of the profession, having developed one of the professions most sought-after residency programs, in their provision of continuing education, and in their commitment to excellence in clinical practice. Aspiring veterinary ophthalmologists as well as residency-trained and board-certified ophthalmologists interested in building their career with a veterinarian-owned and led team and who enthusiastic about achieving the best possible patient outcomes are encouraged to contact Dr. Warren to discuss opportunities.